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For media inquiries, photos and more information,
please contact:

Katharina Stieffenhofer
Growing Local Productions
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tel: (204) 284-4153

New! March 2017 And This is My Garden is available for rental with VUVAVU through Winnipeg Film Group.

And for sale through the Winnipeg Film Group
Or contact Katharina.

To purchase online - Winnipeg Film Group
Or contact Katharina.

Project Partners:

Produced with the assistance of:
The Sustainable Development Innovations Fund with Manitoba Conservation
Manitoba Aboriginal & Northern Affairs
Northern Healthy Foods Initiative
Manitoba Healthy Living, Youth & Seniors
Manitoba Hydro
Frontier School Division
National Film Board of Canada – Filmmaker Assistance Program
Heifer International, Canada Country Program
Film Training Manitoba
The Government of Manitoba
Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit

Shot on location in the province of Manitoba